Everyone receiving any sort of state funded care in England and Wales is entitled to Direct Payments.  This is when the Local Authority or Trust pays any funding entitlement directly into yours or an advocate’s bank account so you can spend the money where ever you like, if it is for care.You can read more about care funding here.

Many Local Authorities have implemented a new contract which limits the choice of care companies to just two per client, while this is a good way of saving money for the councils it does limit the choice of the client to predominantly large national companies as opposed to smaller local organizations.

At LiiCares we offer a service that enables you to choose us and also make your life easier in the process.  Our Managed Direct Payment Services aim to make life easier for you and give you more say and flexibility when it comes to your care.

Benefits of using Managed Direct Payment Services

Dedicated Account Manager

We monitor and look after the bills for your care

We will contact Adult Social Services on your behalf regarding billing and funding

We will keep a record of all your invoices and timesheets for future reference

Our Direct Debit facility makes life easy for you

Monthly statements will be sent to you outlining your care costs

Our Managed Direct Payment facility is FREE to all LiiCares clients, new and existing.If you would like any more information about Direct Services, please contact us directly for free advice.

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