We recognise the individual’s need for personal fulfilment and aim to support our Service Users to participate in their choice of individual programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy their needs. In other words, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

All people who receive visits from us are treated with utmost respect and care, we treat each one of our service users just like our family – the way we would like to be treated with love and tender care.

Here the Services we provide:

Personal Care

Home Care

Respite Care

Night Care


24 Hour Daily Care/Companionship

Diabetic Care

Cancer Care (Taking care of Physical and Emotional home care support)

Learning Disabilities Care


Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care (Emotional & compassionate care to help them feel loved, safe and build trust, even when faced with loss of memory or diminishing returns which could be very frightening).

LILICARES understands the need for respect, independence and dignity, and we endeavour to help you maintain them in the privacy of your own home. We are not just a care agency but a considerate, caring, domiciliary care agency that are responsive to your needs. We listen to your request and work together with you to give you the best individual care service. We work towards your goal and preference.

With Lilicares, you are in control. We only work to meet your desires and build your confidence, care, or support need around your specific needs.

We provide services every day of the year including Christmas day. We have outside normal hours contact phone so that we can be reached at any time especially in an emergency.

In case of 24-hour care assistant, our carers will ensure that all duties are carried out per your preference and standards of quality.


One aspect of home care should always be personal care. In a 24-hour care service, this should include everything from helping someone with a shower or bath in the morning to helping you get ready at bed time. A full-service personal care provider will include the following as a basic part of their prescription for daily personal care:

Bathing or showering – could include a bed bath

Personal hygiene – teeth, nails, hair

Preparing meals from breakfast to lunch, dinner/supper, and snacks. This includes any special meals or diets prescribed

Feeding the patient or helping them eat if they currently have difficulties

Helping them to the toilet and/or changing a colostomy bag

Dressing and undressing / preparing the service user for Day Care or trips out.

Washing / bathing / showering / shaving / grooming / cleaning teeth.

Hair care (washing / brushing).

Nail care (fingernails only).

Toileting and all aspects of personal hygiene, including the emptying of commodes.

Continence management.

Getting in and out of bed.

Enabling mobility, including moving and handling transfers, and positioning.

Checking mobility / lifting equipment, wheelchairs etc. for safe use.

Assisting with the use of Aids to Daily Living / Rehabilitation Aids, as required.

We are all different and have different needs.  So are our needs for night care. Every professional carer recognises that Night Care Service must be tailored to you or your beloved one.

There are two types of Night Care needs. One simple way of attending to this is to provide two formats. At Lilicares Limited we refer to the two types as Waking Service (this means the carer stays awake the entire night) and Sitting Service (our careers can rest but they respond to your needs immediately). The Waking Service is ideal for those with constant or many problems at night while the Sitting Service is ideal for those who need periodic help only.


It is a fact that close family members, friends and neighbours help in aiding an elderly person or a child with disabilities, in their own homes. This can become stressful sometimes and as human, we crave the need to get away from time to time. This is where Respite Care becomes necessary.

We at Lilicares are convinced that respite care is important for both psychological and physical needs; providing/ giving individuals a chance to take a break from it all. Offering carer’s, the necessary break that ensures continuity by offering them Carer’s time – Pampering time, while we ensure the person they normally look after, is made comfortable and cared for in their absence. It could be just for a day or two or more where necessary. Whatever the situation, you can always count on Lilicares reliability and support.

What Respite Care does

The client to stay within the comfort of his/her home

It brings another professional and friendly carer to interact with

It allows the regular carer time to attend his personal matters

Since we have different needs (due to different physical or mental problems), the nature of respite care varies as well. Thus, it could be for few hours, few days, or few weeks. A respite care plan and visit with Lilicares can include pampering with a massage therapy or:

Practical House chores – cooking, cleaning, washing, putting things in order

Medication – helping you to follow the doctors’ advice as to when and how to take the medicine

Personal care – bathing or showering, dressing, combing, helping to get in and out of bed, eating if required

Tea and Conversation – what we view as tea and conversation can be having tea and discussions. It can be watching TV, reading a book or any other activity dear to the client.

To do 24-hour care, a professional must understand the client’s emotional and physical needs and understand the requests of the client’s family and friends. Our carers know that and they apply this principle thoroughly.

Sometimes, we reach a moment in our life when we need assistance to do the daily tasks we are now unable to do. Whether young, elderly, or temporarily infirm, we can find that assistance with 24-hour care. During day and night time. This type of service may be mostly needed if a family member, partner, or friend is leaving for an extended period or after surgery, a long hospital stay, an accident, an illness. Flexibility, personal care and much more from the care provider are essential in that instance.


We offer tailored services: whether it is for few hours, all day or 24/7 caring plan.Thus, it takes the burden away from your family and you can confidently rely on our professional services to care for your needs in your comfort of your home.We create a safe environment and a flexible caring plan to fit you and your family.

Further Positive Aspects of 24-Hour Care

Yet, a good care provider goes the extra mile by:

Reminding you and by making sure that you take your medicine

Giving you full daily personal care such as bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene (hair, teeth)

Preparing meals all day from breakfast to supper/dinner (or special meal for special diet)

Feeding clients with special requirements

Helping the clients to or out of the toilet

Changing the colostomy bag

Being there for discussions (when needed and required by the client)

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