Having thought of the Seniors, the disabled, the lonely, the Young Adults, Children, and the caring family member, LILICARES LIMITED was born. Lilicares Limited knows that love and compassion are necessities and not mere luxuries. We know that it is not just for us to be alive, but to be counted amongst the living.

We at LILICARES Limited look at the mirror differently, as we share similar concerns with you about domiciliary care for the parents, grandparents, and loved ones. We see your loved ones as our family and not just a number. This is not just another domiciliary Care Service that has sprung up but a FRESH & Unique service to wake up to each day, knowing that it’s great to be alive and independent, living in your own home; doing what you most enjoy doing. We offer a flexible approach to suit you by tailoring your care to your need.

We aim to focus on caring for your loved one the way we would want to be cared for, the way we want to be treated; providing a friendly, helpful, and considerate care that is better than everything else.

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